Disroot as tor hidden service

Hello, i’m new on this great service.

I have searching about disroot over tor hidden service (like, for example, https://searx.me ~ http://ulrn6sryqaifefld.onion/) but I haven’t found anything.

Is it planed to offered over tor hidden service too?


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Hi andy,

Yes we are planning on serving disroot services over TOR. This feature has been laying on our backlog for a while now. We’re planning to have it up and running within next two-three months (depending on the workload and intrest of people).

You can follow it’s developement and current state here
Once it’s up we will of course announce it and add it to the website etc.

Ok, thank you very much.

If you need help to make this available, I am available for what you need.

any news about the onion-services?

This would be really nice to have, and if possible, across all the services. It’s only a few lines in a torrc, and then you get the address and post it on the website; the addresses don’t change, and the servers are stable and painless.

Add one line per port of the service you want to provide: POP3/IMAP/SMTP, XMPP, HTTP (HTTPS is probably best with a self signed cert that you publish the FP), MUMBLE …

If you want help testing then, let me know - I’ve used them all over Tor.

It’s more the issue of time and prioritizing. It’s the shameful task which for some reason has been unresolved for so long. Became a meme around the community already. But I have some good news, meaz started working on it so finally will push it over if nothing comes in it’s way.

Is there an issue to track this in Disroot-Project?