disroot-disroot project board is broken


Looking on your page Community | Disroot there’s three links to the project board which all appear to be broken.

I’m not sure I am technical enough to be able to follow everything but I suggest it might be better to remove these.

Thanks for a brilliant project. I have just donated some money for a domain name - just wanted to say thank you really.

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Indeed. What happened to the project board?

Thnaks for donation and sorry for the broken link. For a while now we have been using git for our project board since we use git for everything else it made most sense to use the same place for issue tracking so as much as we love taiga, we decided to move to gitea Thanks for pointing out I thought we put the change on the website already but seems to be still old.

This is our main issue tracking board but we also have other interesting repositories under the groups:


The link is still broken.

link has been fixed.

Link works great! I just started to use the board and it’s working out great.