Disroot.org aliases for e-mails?


After the openmailbox-gate (see here), I’m looking for a new e-mail provider that respects privacy, runs open source software, provides caldav support, is not flagged as spam by big e-mail providers like Gmail, and is maintained on a donation system.

Disroot.org seems to fulfill all the requirements greatly, and to be honest the integration looks awesome here. However, the domain disroot.org is associated with activism for freedom and privacy (this is my own undocumented statement, based on the explained motivation for creating disroot.org, as well as by the provocative/riot pictures on the webpage; and even if it turns out being incorrect, I think other people have that in mind). I personally support that, but I do not want an e-mail address containing my last name to be associated to any political belief. Aliases would solve this issue, even an alias based on disroot.org like dsrt.io or something similar, as long as people cannot directly type it in the URL bar and end up on a riot picture. I’m not against the action at all, but I need a neutral e-mail address (and I would understand if it turns out disroot.org does not want to offer that).

Is that a planned feature?

Thanks, and keep up the great work. It’s nice to see a service like this one running so smoothly (and to see that, for once, Sailfish is included in the mobile examples for imap settings!).

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Hi Kab,

We are actually working on alias support right now( check here ). It’s long awaited feature that many people asked for. So we hope to have it up and running in coming two weeks and have more details about it as well.

It’s a good point. We already (not offically yet though) can link a domain (if you own one) to your account so you could use it for your email. (just drop us a line for more info).

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That’s wonderful news, thanks for the swift answer. May I ask what aliases will be available? I’d really love something short and with no obvious meaning, possibly ending in .io, like the example I gave (but of course it’s just an example). I just don’t like these @*mail*.* domains.

I do own a domain actually, would be interested in linking it. Also, I saw that I can add identifies in Rainloop, but cannot send emails using them. Is that what you are talking about (i.e., requires being linked with domain owner)?

The implementation we are currently working on is to be able to have multiple usernames@disroot.org linked to one account.

Your idea and reasoning behind having more neutral alternative domain to choose from sounds very interesting. We’ve just had a short meeting were we decided to go for it and implement it as well. (i’ve updated our issue board)

Rainloop identities work only for people with aliases assign to the account. This is done in offer to prevent mailaccount spoofing on our platform.

The misunderstanding is on me, I should have said domain names instead of aliases. Other providers sometimes call them aliases, sometimes alternate domains, I just got confused.

Really looking forward to it, hope it’ll be shipped with the rest in the next two weeks! This is something I would need before using Disroot as my main non-work e-mail address.

Thank you again.

Hi @muppeth - what is the status of this? (I just created an account, cannot seem to find any settings regarding aliases?)

Aliases is an important feature, especially practical if combined with external domains as well (needs to be discussed/outlined first, as that part would be important to get conceptually right before committing resources).

I have an examplification of how I separate my interests (and activities) into “online aliases”, which up until now, sadly means creating multiple accounts for various services. If you guys are serious about this, have a look at my overview to get an impression from my example.

I am a CMS admin (BackdropCMS/Drupal/Wordpress) and IT manager / IT consultant, very focused on the cross-section between information overload, filtering, categorisation - and aliases (“online identities”),