Disroot service uptime


How is the uptime in general ? I would like to know what protocols are in place in the event of an outage. I’m inquiring since I would like to move to disroot as my primary personal email.

until @muppeth gives you a proper answer I may add my 2 cents.

I use disroot with my own domain and can tell you it works great.

I track the uptime of the mail server (smtp) myself. 1:30 minutes downtime last month.
3 minutes the month before than.

I also have a backup email provider set up as alternative mx record.

Because disroot uses greylisting I receive some emails only at my second provider. I suspect that some mail senders server try my alternative mx record instead of retrying disroot mx.

Greylistening is an antispam technique.

You can follow issues, downtimes and scheduled maintenance work at https://state.disroot.org You can signup for updates via email, or rss feed. We also post automatically the same information via mastodon, diaspora, hubzilla, xmpp and matrix chats.
In coming week or so we will also provide uptime information on all services on https://state.disroot.org so you could see what is the general uptime.

@idnovic If you have cases of emails not arriving (due to greylisting) it’s good to report those to us via support_at_disroot.org so we can whitelist them. It’s usually in cases when email is re-sent from different server each time and thus continuously being rejected.
More on greylisting https://postgrey.schweikert.ch/

Also disroot email (or any service for that matter) is our (disroot admins) main service (like main email, chat, social network, file storage) used. This means we are also disroot users and rely on the services being operational as much as any other users. So it is in our best interest to have those services running.

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sure, I will check the email domains and send you a list.


Thank you for the information @muppeth . Thanks for the tip on alternate mx records @idnovic.