domain linking request

i remember reading somewhere that you’re not working on those tickets since at least october 2020.

i wanted to use my personal domain, instead of disroot, because that’s actually a much better way to effectively dis’root.

but now, given how reliant this is on your services, i’m not even sure i should keep waiting anymore.


any news on what’s going on?

Yeah there has been ton of delay in that mainly because of non-disroot related priorities that took over stuff for long time. I am working on finalizing new structure for it, and should be done with 'em this weekend. Once this is done. We are internally discussing also on the shape of this part of the service (both administratively and financially and to prevent abuse etc). There is few things we are still unsure of, but techinally it will be possible to do custom domain as of this weekend (if everything goes well of course and nothing will happen). If you requested it in the past, you will be contacted by us.

Oh, and it will also work with xmpp chat. \o/


I was wondering if there was any progress on this request. It’s been a few months and I see the feature is disabled for now.

I’m setting up a new project and I’d like to request the domain linking feature for it.

Is there any ETA on where this might become available again?

Thank you


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from my end, my domain request is still not done. mx points elsewhere.

but i’m not waiting anymore.

it’s just that my next host will probably be myself, so there’s a lot of work still to be done.

We are about to test the new setup. Sorry its taking long but life is really standing in the way last months. I will be running some tests next week and if everything is proper we will re-open the feature.