Donating with crypto?

Saw on Donate | Disroot we can donate with crypto, but is this the best way to donate? Student so want to make sure when I donate it’s worth and best for disroot. Also, can we still get benefits like extra email storage when donating with monero? I get validating that xyz user donated xyz amount would be hard but just curious :slight_smile:

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@e1li Hi, welcome to disroot, said me who is a new member too!

Donating with crypto can be more privacy-oriented if you do it right (e.g. Monero). One possible negative side is, however, the value of crypto is so volatile that sometimes it may be like you sent 100 EUR yesterday but they only have 80 EUR today…

Happy Holidays :smiley:

“benefits”: Custom domain may be one thing: I’ll quote this from DisNews #3 - Lacre progress; Custom domain linking; New dashboard; Muppeth’s quitting; 3rd volunteer fee (December 2, 2021)

  • Custom domain linking does remain as a “reward” for donation. However, unlike previously, this time donation linking is done for single donation and it’s a lifetime feature! Much profit!