Donors and commented features

Hi. Are there any news from your October plans? I’m especially interested in the extra features for reoccurring donors. Also, do you prefer donors to use any concrete platform? Liberapay seems nice, but I don’t know if that’s the one that lets you more money; its commisions and fees seem lower than others’, but to be sincere I know almost nothing about these platforms (just had a Flattr account some time ago, and I hadn’t studied it too much, actually).

BTW, those blogposts that don’t permit commenting are made like that on purpose? I think I’ve read that Discourse can be used for blogposts, no?


Hi there. Unfortunately still no news. We are working to get the aliases and everything fully functional but we’re not there yet.

When we are ready we will post all the information related to how to get it, including how to become a regular contributor.

Just in case you miss it, I will post it in reply here too.


Which actual blogposts are you refering to?


Well, all of them in fact, hehe. None of the posts in are “commentable”. Did you want it that way, to have all the users’ feedback here in the forum?

Ahhh. I got confused because you were talking about discourse for blogposts.

If you are refering to the wordpress plugin that allows commenting blogposts using discourse, well then, we don’t use wordpress for the blog. We use Grav, which doesn’t have such plugin at this moment.

Indeed, I’m not sure we’d use it anyway if it existed as the Disroot blog is meant to have a clear overview of all the news and updates. We prefare to keep the comments to the forum, our discussion platform.

There are also a lot of live discussions going on on Matrix, XMPP, irc which are all bridged together.

Ok. That’s what I supposed, but wasn’t sure if perhaps you had not considered the possibility of users commenting on blogposts.
I’'ll have a look to those discussions on Matrix, one of these days, when I learn how to use Matrix, heheh.

Thx for clarufying :wink:

Is merch on that list somewhere? stickers would be good as well as tshirts etc.

Sorry for being silent here on this topic, but we’re finishing all the testing needed to release aliases out in to the public, and we are preparing and finalizing decisions and all the procedures regarding this topic. We are planning to go live on 1st November so keep your fingers crossed and wait few more days.

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I’ve thought of an idea for more donations to flow to keep the project alive. Implement a star next to username of donors and when highlighted will tell you how much say in dollars that user has contributed to the project.

Or even maybe like a list of all donors.

Wouldn’t you rather someone donate for something beside a ‘star’?

It’s just an incentive to donate. I’m sure users wouldn’t just donate to have a star with the value of how much they have contributed for that little thing besides their name.

If the service needs donations, you have to use incentives.

It just. It might become like one of those forums or vip things were it’s like ‘look how much money i have donated and’ ‘bow down to me’ or something like that. I think having more data or something would be better.

I donated a small amount of money to the project paypal already. I’m curious will this add up to any donnor benefits you plan to add?