ebook and comic reader besides pdf.

The pdf-reader used by disroot is fine, but it does not allow viewing of epub / cbr/ cbz files, while this one does https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/files_reader
Could that be activated/implemented?
Although it does nnot remember where I was last in a book, it does allow me to keep my notes centrally and it does allow reading on various platforms in the browser. It also allows having a quick look at books and comics.
Its git-page is https://github.com/Yetangitu/owncloud-apps/tree/master/files_reader

I have a free account at ocloud.de and they have this viewer as well as onlyoffcie which works well. Onlyoffice is a separate thread,

Plugins like OnlyOffice/Collabora have been discussed but they won’t be considered because aside from being resource intensive for real-time collaboration, they don’t work with NextCloud’s end to end encryption. I don’t know about the file viewer but it’s probably the same issue (E2EE).

I ''ll discuss Onlyoffice/Collabora in the other thread.

I hope it is possible to find some viewers that do support the E2EE. Viewers should be much less resource hungry and straint the resources less as compared to copying everything through webdav and then viewing, perhaps.