education everywhere

Gaia’s Classroom is still OPEN.

“Observation and thinking are the two points of departure for all the spiritual striving of man, insofar as he is conscious of such striving. The workings of common sense, as well as the most complicated scientific researches, rest on these two fundamental pillars of our spirit.”
Rudolf Steiner

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“try it, you might like it!”
#GuerillaGardening #GrowYourOwn #RestorativeFarming #ZeroWaste

  • self-sufficiency
  • home grown foods
  • improved health & wellbeing

Herbs, - Self-heal, without the need for “big pharma”
Fruits & Berries - full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals & unrefined sugars!
Nuts, Grains & Seeds

#DigForVictory #dontbeavictim #foodforlife


Bugs ‘n’ Stuff!

  • make compost,
  • feed worms,
  • grow food!