email and forum pwds

I read that all services except diaspora would use the same password, but somehow the email and forum got set differently. Do I have to change one to use the same pwd for both? Should I do that?

if you havent use “login with disroot account” when logging in the first time to discourse, your account is separate then.

We provide possibility for standalone accounts on forum. This is because vast majority of users using forum as a mailing lists/forums for their projects/collectives/groups want to use their email and dont want to necessary use disroot accounts. So to make onboarding to the forum easier we allow poeple to make usernames directly in forum. Those users cannot then use any other services with this credential then forum,

I went through the Disroot page, so it is very confusing that I have a separate forum account with the same username, and using the same email address. It’s like the worst of both. How can I tie the email and forum accounts, since they have the same user and email names?

There is no way to do it by user. I will check tomorrow if I can do it manually.
I’ll make ticket to mention on the website you need to click the “login with disroot account” button, to avoid confusion.