Greetings @muppeth and others!

During the past 48 hours I’ve been unable to send email from my disroot email account. It seems to trip up sending to Google addresses. Any others reporting issues sending to Google email accounts?

Just did a quick check and a test. Seems like everything is working fine.
What email client are you using (webmail, k9, thunderbird, geary, other… )? Do you get any error message?

The error message just states “timed out”. I’ll check the log file to see if it’s more verbose. On the desktop, (where I’m getting this error) the client is Evolution. Only because Thunderbird doesn’t integrate as well with the Gnome DE.

Cool. Please also check whether you are not being fail2ban’ned with another account/client as this could be the reason. If you send me your IP I could check if its the case. But yeah check for a bit more verbose output first, and otherwise send email to so we could pick up from there as most probably we would exchange some more private details which probably you dont want to disclose on public forum.

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