Error when trying to create a new account

I want to make a donation and request some “rewarded” features, but I’d like to start with a clean and fresh account and delete the old one. The problem is that when I complete the form I get this error message:

HTTP 500

An error has occurred. If this error occurs repeatedly please contact your helpdesk.

I’ve read a message from other user who some months ago experienced the same issue, and finally found out that it was due to some proxy he was using. Well, I don’t want to turn off my VPN since you are using Google’s recaptcha system ergo mi IP and user agent are being recorded there in Anglo America forever.
Is there any solution that doesn’t imply disabling my VPN and showing my real IP address? I’ve tried several different locations from my VPN provider, with no succes at all. I’m also using an user agent switcher, but I don’t think that may be part of the problem, right?


The error you mention could be caused by multiple issues. Question is, at what point does the error occur. Right after you click on Create new account. That would mean that yes it is caused by recaptcha. At the moment there is no way around it. you could of course always ask admins via support ticket to create an account for you.

The recaptcha verification seems to be passed well. The problem occurs once introduced the new user name, screen name and password; then you are lead to the TOS page, and once you accept and clic on «Continue» you get the mentioned error.

Do you use non latin character in your password? it should be [aA-zZ] and all types of special chars like ,.<>;’:"|[]=- ect but not things like ĄĘéÉÇŵť etc. This is due to a bug that does not work well with proper utf8 characters.

Oh, yes. I only used aA-zZ for letters but I used some of the symbols in the number keys and others, like “!”, “%” “~”, “&” “=”, “(”…
Aren’t those characters permitted either?

Those should be ok. please send email to support for further troubleshooting.

Also check if the new account actualyl works by trying to logging in with new account.

No, the account doesn’t work.
In case you want to investigate, the problem is with some of this symbols I used in the original password: . @ · ( ) ~ _ and spaces. I have just created a letter and number only password and everything has gone well.
I think that password system you use isn’t very secure because of how limiting it is. Autistici, which as I suppose you already know, is another privacy friendly and FLOSS based mail provider, uses a better system for this matters. Perhaps you might want to have a look to what are they using or even asking them if you want, they aren’t too fast responding but are nice people and always respond.

So I tested out all the special characters you mentioned and found out the problematic one.
the middle of the line dot, the interpunct: · is the one that is not accepted by the password system. I should have realized it sooner, as this is not a standard character.

we know the system we are using is not the best and that we need to find ways to improve on it soon. Our setup is a little different then what other providers might have as we use a single account for accessing multiple services. For the meantime we are stuck with what we have, hopefully we can find enough time to create something better soon.