External Storage in Nextcloud


I would like to connect an external storage in nextcloud.

Adding them was no problem, I get the green arrow that it is working an I can see them in my nextcloud program (on manjaro linux).
I have set one folder to sync with my computer. This works fine with files that are located on the external storage. They get loaded to my drive like a charm.
But when I copy files locally and nextcloud syncs them they appear to be corrupted. You cannot open them on the external storage. When I try this with a picture and download it after the sync from my external storage you can’t open the file anymore.

Tried this with another nextcloud and webdav as external storages.

Am I doing something wrong?

Do you try to open it on the external storage inteface? In that case it wont work as the files on our cloud are encrypted. So if you copy over or want to open files form other (external) interface it will apear corrupt as its actually encrypted.

Okay, that explains a lot…

So if I put files locally in an folder which is stored as a external storage they are encrypted in the external storage.

If I want to access these on a different computer I have to download them with the nextcloud app through my disroot account?