Feature reqest: EteSync server on Disroot

Many people use Disroot to store and synchronize their contacts and calendar events using the CardDAV and CalDAV protocols, which are provided as part of the Nextcloud service. Its much better, than sharing this data with Internet companies like Google or Microsoft, but still not perfect: this data is not end-to-end encrypted, therefore Disroot admins (or someone who can compromise or hack the disroot server) can access the data.

Recently I found a project that allows to synchronize contacts and events with end-to-end encryption, so even if the server got hacked or improperly accessed, the user data will be safe because only the client application can decrypt it, not the server.

The project called EteSync and is free and open-source software. EteSync Android App is a fork of DAVx Android App (ex DAVdroid) and is available on F-Droid. The server is also open source and can be self-hosted.

I think it would be great if Disroot can setup and host its own EteSync server so the users can sync their contacts and calendars with end-to-end encryption.

Note: I am not connected in any way with EteSync team. If you know anything that says against it, let me know. The only drawbacks I found so far: there was no cryptography and security audit and the app is quite new and not time-tested.

Thanks for the info, wedofob430. We’ll check it.

Actually I think there was a reply to similar question I think we gave on mastodon.

(sorry Fede for speaking over you).
When we started disroot etesync was not a thing. We do like how current nextcloud’s caldav implementation blends together with other apps and how it syncs with any device outthere that supports Caldav/Carddav. Another thing is that since we use already nextcloud’s DAV implementation, splitting that to yet another service will create not only bigger overhead for us in terms of maintenance, resource footprint, user support etc. It will at the same time create fragmentation, confusion and missunderstandings (for example people thinking nextlcoud calendars are e2ee, or not knowing which option to choose) in between the users. Just like we cannot host multiple RSS feed software to please everyone, or multiple social networks, file storage solutions and so on, we can’t make everyone happy. At this moment we stick to nextcloud knowing the shortcoming when it comes to end-to-end encryption, as this is what we have choosen.
Of course all that said, I cannot personally tell you what the future will birng nor I can speak for the entire team. One thing is for certain, at this moment we are not planning for etesync instance. And who knows, maybe someone soon will come up with e2ee for nextcloud’s calendars.