Folders and tags in the notes app

I’d never used the web interface to edit my notes in Nextcloud. I usually edit them on my computer using a nice program called Qownnotes. In this program I can order my notes in folders and subfolers, and tag them for an eficacious search when I need to look among hundreds of them.
Well, all those features seem gone in the web application. No folders but all the notes thrown to my face; no tags to use in the search engine either.
But besides, the web interface neither renders the notes in graphical way, no formatted text, no embedded images, just plain text. I doubt that the application is so bad that can’t even render the MD files with their real aspect, so I think I’m probably missing something, but don’t know what. Any help?

To end, all the content sabed in Nextcloud is encrypted, right? Or is is saved in plain text, like the mail?


To be sincere, the web interface does render the MD files with their text format most of the times (tables and some other elements arent rendered well), but it does it “dirtily”. I mean, if you have a line in your note that is a title, something like “#Title 1”, “Title 1” will be rendered in bold format and with a big size, but will be accompained by the “#” symbol before the text; if you want some bold text, the text will be correctly rendered bold, but you will keep at your sight the “**” at the start and beginning of the bolded text. So, the notes are a mess rather uncomfortable for reading.
Images or Youtube linked videos aren’t present at all.

We decided to use normal Notes app and not Qownnotes on webinterface for few reasons.

It’s simple to use, has nice mobile app, and is not dependent on database. All notes are saved as files and thus are encrypted. this makes it eaiser for people to share them since they are just text files.

So it’s a Notes app thing… I wasn’t sure, but seemed rare to me that a Markdown editor didn’t support basic MD features like image embedding. :expressionless:
Well, it’s a pity, I’d love to ditch Evernote for a FLOSS solution, but I’d have to put up with it.

BTW, Qownnotes is not a web application but a desktop one. If you use Markdown notes I recommend you to have look on it. :slight_smile:

Yes, your’re right. I thought Qownnotes had also webapp. As for Notes app in web interface, of course there is room for improvements there and hopefully those will be implemented.

I see there is also an app called nextnotes which even supports evernote import, however as far as i know, all the notes reside in database (though needs testing to confirm), so it’s not an ideal option for privacy reasons, though it does have a WYSIWYG editor and supports tags.

At the moment we stick to the Simple file Notes, but if there is a growing demand for more sophisticated notes app, and most of the development of current notes goes towards the more ‘shiny’ replacement (nextnotes), making the current notes app obsolete, we will consider changing.

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Hi. I would really love to see the nextnotes which support tags as you mentioned.

It’s hard to manage when there are lots of notes without TAGs. Is there any other way?