Free Wordpress Backup-2-ownCloud Plugin?

Just curious. I see a lot of people asking for such, but for some reason there either isn’t one or I haven’t found it. Seems like a natural.

I’ve found one supposedly WebDAV-compatible one, but it’s premium-only and I am not sure if ownCloud’s WebDAV implementation is transparent and trouble-free enough for this purpose in any case.

After having my entire website and its backup files obliterated recently by a provider meltdown, I’d love to have a automated and free cloud backup function rigged so I wouldn’t have to ever think about this again.

Thanks for any bright ideas! :wink:

I haven’t have enough time to look for a solution. I haven’t found any working plugin either.

Is the server you host your website Linux? Do you have shell access to the server?

I believe those answers are “yes” and “no.”

Not a big deal – it’s just that so many people have asked for this plugin for so long now it seems strange that there isn’t one, given all the hundreds of useless plugins for Wordpress that there for which nobody ever has the slightest use. :8ball:

Having shell access solves a lot of problems.

Did you have a look at those plugins?
They all claim to do webdav backups. Haven’t tested them myself yet, but it would be interesting to see how they work.
If you do try them out, write your experience as it would probably benefit others looking for such solutions. I’m myself interested in it (probably will have a look at it in couple of weeks time).