Gaggle "Safe Browsing" Alert on Disroot Cloud

Hey there, following the Macro$oft hostility blog article, I’d like to report a similar issue with Disroot Cloud. There’s probably something people can do with regard this time to Gaggle. As a side note it’s important to realize that this situation (with both companies) is derailing precious human resources from making alternative hosting parties. I will go into it at a later time.


For now suffice to say that when visiting a public link to Disroot Cloud, Gaggle “Safe Browsing” systematically reports an alert in the following scary way (screenshot with Firefox from today):


  1. click ‘See details
  2. click ‘ignore the risk’ in the first paragraph of the details.


I have no idea how to fix it but I guess it requires about the same wasteful interaction with Gaggle than for the similar issue with Macro$oft.