General activist tech support?

Hi on a mailing list I’m on someone recently asked if there were any tech support channels for activists?

Would you consider adding a category here that was for general Wordpress/ Android/ tech support in addition to the existing category for your own Disroot services?

I’m not suggesting you do it straight away, but would you be open to the idea in principle?

@muppeth @Antilopa

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Hi @samuk I believe most of your points can be met, with the many & varied “tech support” rooms available via Matrix/Riot [Global Room search]

Sounds like a good idea. We do have some technical issues with public forum categories that we need to solve before we can start creating more public categories.

Though once, we do it, I personally dont see a reason why not provide a spece for general howto/support for all types of free software. As long as its not going to be a dead space (like we expereinces with some other categories in the past).

Here are a few websites that might be helpful.

I believe has its own forum for technical help, or at least I have seen lots of help pages … Certainly there is a dedicated forum for Android users, and it has its own app as well (or maybe it had and not anymore)

More general tech support is on , lots of channels there too