Getting started with ownCloud

Hi, I’m just starting with disroot and I’m not tech savvy. I will have lots of basic questions!

I’ve been looking at FAQs about ownCloud, and it looks useful, if I can figure out what to do with it and how. So I’m now on the Getting Started screen and the first thing is “Download ownCloud: Set up a server yourself, deploy to the cloud or find a provider:” I’m not even sure if those are two options or three (set up a server yourself ; deploy to the cloud ; find a provider) ; I don’t know if I should choose ‘download’ or ‘provider’, cos I don’t know what I’m doing here. Is this me being part of the cloud? Is this me downloading software so I can use the cloud? I’m seeing lots and lots of links, but so far I can’t find this basic information. I will continue exploring. I welcome feedback and advice.

OK, I’ve tried some more, and I simply don’t get it. Is disroot my owncloud ‘provider’? Do I have to download anything at all to use ownCloud? If so, what do I download?

Hi there,

Disroot is your owncloud provider (unless you choose someone else or setup a server yourself). All you need to do is to login to owncloud from and look around. It’s quite intuitive and straight forward interface. Additionally to web interface, you can download owncloud client to sync your files with your laptop/desktop/phone etc. have a look here: It works pretty much the same as google drive, dropbox etc.

If you want to also sync calendars, tasks and contacts: check for example this link or search the web for possibilities of integrating owncloud with whatever operating system / email client you are using.

Thanks Muppeth!

I was confused because the first thing ownCloud told me to do was to download or find a provider, I didn’t realise immediately disroot was already my provider. This is the sort of tech stupid I do all the time, hence I expect to have lots of questions. I’ve managed to set up sync, I’ll check out other things later. Have to see if work will let me install ownCloud on my computer.


Great to hear you managed. \o/
Big thanks for giving feedback. We really appriciate your input. Things that might be obvious for us aren’t that clear for others people, and for us it’s hard to pick those issues.

Could you tell me what made you confused? Was it something on our website? Do you have a suggestion on things we could change on website to make it less confusing?

Hi Noam,
It sounds like you got to the ownCloud project page ( - did searching lead you there somehow or were you just browsing around the web?
Did you get a chance to log in to and check out the web-interface? It is quite convinient without having to download the sync client.

Looking forward to hear more of your questions, always usefull to hear (;

Hi Antilopa, I think what happened is this: I did find the disroot cloud page first, which was fine, and I logged in with no problem. I was trying to figure out more, and somehow got to the faq page - I don’t remember how. There’s a useful intro video there, which led me to the screen where the first thing it tells you to do is download owncloud: That’s when I started getting very confused! I hope that’s helpful.

Thanks for the information. We are slowly starting to build tutorials, FAQs and other useful information. Some of them will be links to other websites (no point of rewritting stuff over and over) and some will be written by us. We are planning on making also videos and such.
In general the idea is to put everything in one place so a) people don’t have to surf around other websites to get the information b) the information will be stripped to what is needed to operate around disroot, so no extra confusing information such as howto install your own owncloud server etc.

If you find more of those confusing things let us know.

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We are building for documenting all chat applications and encryption (otr, pgp, axolotl…). It would be good to collaborate.

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Looks promissing. Definatelly worth joining forces to write such documentation. I will create few pads coming weeks for it.

Would be also interesting to make more people involved into that. I guess there is quite few organizations workign on similar thing. Just like

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“All you need to do is to login to owncloud from

This login page seems to be completely unresponsive in Firefox.

Works here without a problem (checked firefox, midori and opera).

Could you be more specific?

Can’t be more specific than that. It simply does not respond to login. Name, password…then the “Log in” button doesn’t do anything. All scripts are open for the site, so I don’t really see what could be blocking it. Works OK in IE.

I’m using firefox on all my machines daily, and I haven’t notice anything weird.

Which version of firefox, operating system?

If you are using linux you could maybe do small test:
killall -9 firefox
mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.backup
Start firefox and see if it behaves the same.
After the test you can move back the config:
killall -9 firefox
mv ~/.mozilla.backup ~/.mozilla

v39.0.3 in W7 (I almost never use Linux due to its poorly-developed drivers needed for my main systems).

Several updates of Firefox have made no difference. I don’t see any plugins that should cause this.

I’ll try on a different box, but there is something off here, as I don’t experience this with other Disroot services logon pages, which are pretty much identical.

I too had this problem, its some problem with caching scripts,
try a hard refresh on the page by ctrl+f5.
If it doesnt solve try clearing the cache once

No difference. Disabled some plugins. No difference. Very strange.

Hi, I’m trying to upload a (small) file to ownCloud, and I’m getting information about delays, i.e., the file will be deleted after a certain amount of time (up to 60 days). Can you tell me more about this? Will this apply to all files? If so, I can’t use ownCloud as I’d hoped (to replace dropbox, essentially). At the moment I can’t find a way to upload a file without a ‘delay’.


update: Actually, I don’t seem to be able to upload at all. I don’t know where the ‘delayed’ file has gone.

Hi Noam,
The upload application is an external service for sharing files, similiar to (but with better privacy as you can read here: It has nothing to do with the files you store on owncloud - you should upload them at ‘Files’.
I can see how this is confusing, we just didn’t really realize till now. So we will think of a way to make it clearer.

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