Ghost - Publishing Plataform

TBH, I’m extremely interested in this since I’ve been wanting to run a ghost page but I’m unable to afford it in anyway currently.

Ghost is an open source publishing platform. Think some kind of evolved medium of sorts. It can be found at

I’m not really sure it does align with the project philosophies tho. It’s There are some built in tools that interact with some services that I think we’d rather avoid (google SEO stuff and some) also I have no idea of what would be the impact of this service in the current infrastructure.

The positives would be having an specialized platform for longform posts that groups and/or people could use to host different kind of texts in an “pretty” form so to say and all those statistics and reporting tools could be really helpful to know if the texts are reaching people.

But is it really interesting? Is it feasible? Are there other tools that could be used instead? Are there better tools? How much overlap does this have with other tools already available?

More than a “request” of sorts I think this post should be more of a discussion than anything else.

That will be a good feature to add but for the time being if you want to host a blog then I can help you in this.

I’ll write down several good options.

  • provides this with WordPress as CMS

  • for static website

  • Generate a static blog using a Static Site generator. Hugo will be the best, learn about hugo.

Hugo is just a static site generator, it means that you don’t have a CMS. It will generate a HTML site using the template you provide then you can host it anywhere. is a good place to start.

Where to host Hugo generated sites?

  • (Complicated because you will have to pass a request)

  • Netlify (best)

  • GitHub Pages or GitLab Pages (Good to start)

Learn about Hugo, Git, GitHub, GitLab and Netlify from HookTube and you are good to go.

This might look complicated but trust me it is very easy, you can learn all of that in a day or two. If you get stuck anywhere then send me a message or reply here, I will be extremely happy to help you.