gitea limit on file number?

Hello, I registered a while ago and after a few tests I waited till my project is well advanced before I use the service. It appears as I have to upload through the web-interface before I can pull/push on existing projects. If there is a way to push new files from terminal please let me know. Pull then push changes against existing files works.

But after many hours of manual uploading it seems as I reached a limit, which I don’t think is based on size but on number of files.

My account is joborun in as well.
The nature of the project is free/opensource and it is never going to be a business/commercial anything, it is a new distro based on source. The need for the git is to have it published somewhere but rarely will users use it, except for contributors. The copy of the git content will be local on each user’s machine and updated through a pkg containing the entirety.

Taking it for granted that this is going to be my primary source repository it is listed in every package already as the source.


Happy to hear you want to use our git for you project. Do you upload using ssh or http when using terminal? I guess when going http it tries to upload bulk amount of files as one tarball which could be exceeding the file size permitted by webserver.

I created an issue on our issue board (which is probably better to followup): #227 - [Gitea] - Problem with uploding large amount of files? - Disroot-Project - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea

Since u’re using git its that much better. I will close the thread here and continue on gitea.

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