Technical and Philosophical discussion on computing with GNU/Linux

I am something between BSD systems and Linux kernel…
Currently compiling gentoo. Not using systemd distros cuz of privacy/security concerns… Google DNS by default in resolv.conf?

Not like i think google is bad… But they have got gadzillions billions of dollars, whereas i dont even have got 100 bucks in pocket. So why would i want to have dns fallbqck set to google cuz red hat devs think its best. No thanks.

Runit/s6/openRC are really nice and simple init systems.

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About 10 years for me using puppylinux builds; im quite experienced user now but still without any technical depth in terms of coding. i use tahrpup 6.0.5 PAE. i wouldnt revert back to being MS or Apple user.

I’m another non-systemd advocate and I run Devuan Chimaera (a fork of Debian Testing). SysVinit is a clean and simple init as well.

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I’m on archlinux Debian and lineage O/S . I have old laptop setup hardware. So I use openbox and tint2. Of course longtime never use a lot of time this computer. I have brain disorder problem with popular social network like Facebook or Twitter. And I can’t use every day. So maybe we can travel with disroot for know other possibilities to see the world with and another eye.

Just for fun…

testing poll…

I run many years ubuntu with xfce4 but got bored. Basicly everything runs without further configuration and therefore I haven’t much reason or ideas to try out new stuff. So I switched to arch with qtile as windowmanager.

Also there are a bunch of other distros on vms and rasberrys

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I recently made a distro switch. I decided to go back to my “Linux roots” and installed ALT Linux with Window Maker as my window manager. ALT Linux and Window Maker was what I used as a OS for much of the early 2000s. But when netbooks came out, I moved away from ALT simply because of compatibility issues. But after years of becoming “lazy” with too-smart-for-their-own-good desktop environments, I wanted to get back to the fun I used to have with my PC.

So glad I went back to ALT and WM. It’s been great getting those DE cobwebs out of my head and working with a sleek window manager again. I forgot how much I enjoyed Window Maker.

If anyone is interested, here’s a link to a recent review I wrote about my move to ALT:

Wanna try a lot of operating systems without problems?

Thanks to QEMU?

try quickemu…


I couldn’t agree more with you, anyone involved in system security considers systemd a security hazzard impossible to deal with. It is like replacing a small steel door with a huge glass front, of automatically and constantly opening and closing glass doors.

Furthermore though, too many distros have taken this “init” freedom thing to a literal hypocrisy. Systemd is not problematic due to its pid1 function, this may be the best thing about it, it is its seamless and endless entanglement with a huge part of what is called a system, from kernel to userspace, to your click of a button, a touch on the screen, or start of a program. The worst and most pervasive mechanism that it incorporates and reaches into networking, file system mounting and checking, is logind. What is commonly known to non-systemd distros as elogind, a huge chunk of systemd itself.

The opennic project is barely surviving these days, one of the most promising contributions of open/free software hacktivists. The vast majority of governments control what you visit and when by logging dns activity. On the other hand using google or facebook resources is like sharing your disk with governmental agencies. Nothing good can come from those companies, they have been handed Terrabytes of public information to trade with your voluntary disclosure of all your activity. The US government is their sole and largest funder and customer. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of OpenRC because the arguments for rc-update and rc-service are inconsistent and confusing.
I like Dinit and Runit.

Just a newbie on Linux and Os and a newbie on this site too But I’m currently exploring Parrot and Kali Linux OS via VM VMWARE…
Though I think Free BSD or some BSD alternative versions maybe a way to go for an OS with security in mind the set up is difficult even to load up and config desktop UI.

Both are for pentesting, not for daily desktop use, do you know that right?

I am using and endorse void linux

It’s very easy, quick and not hungry for resources linux with runit

It is not recommended as begginer friendly, but I think that is great for learning because it is so simple thanks to absenc of systemd crap touching everything

You can build it from source if you wanna (never tried…)

And community is very helpful…