Have you thought about including website hosting?

Since there simply isn’t a good one right now that’s free. And even the paid ones have terrible privacy policies / TOS (being able to kick anyone out for literally no reason is the funniest). I think this is the final way the big corpos are keeping us in chains.


We have plans to offer something like GRAV hosting but this requires a lot of work and resources (both in labour and hardware) which at this moment we are running short on. It is in our mind for the future, but we still dont have clear idea as to how/what/when.

you could already now use hubzilla with its webpage features to create your website. Also it provides articles functionality apart from just normal social network posts etc, which you could turn into your own blog/site already. The documentation in that regard is very scars and we have not yet done it our self so learning curve might be high.

By the way DisHub just happens to be down right now (heh). But I don’t think it’s possible to just dump a bunch of HTML files in there. Or at least wasn’t when I last tried it? Might be remembering wrong though.

Yes. forgot to mention hubzilla is not yet production ready, hence its not advertised on the website etc. There is few major issues (one of which is a cause of quite big instability atm) and few UI/UX tweaks we have in the pipeline before we can say, “Yes. Hubzilla is a recommended go to solution”. We plan to achieve that before the end of the year.

And yes you could just dumb bunch of html once you enable website app in the settings.

I’ve managed to put a html file in there and even make images work, but I can’t get it to accept my custom css no matter what I try.

Will do some more digging later (maybe).

Have you thought about using IPFS for website hosting? I think it may be interesting solution in the future.

Currently I think you would follow instructions at IPFS for websites and if you don’t have any kind of web hosting server, following Cloudflare’s connecting your website to IPFS instructions.

I haven’t tried IPNS which this feature uses yet as it would require me to be online daily for it to not fall offline, I cannot find other issues at the moment than Keep others’ IPNS records alive #1958 .

Otherwise I am hosting random immutable content on IPFS on 3 nodes and as a backup on Pinata which gives 1 GB free for pinning.

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I’ve pushed a hash (QmYbq5Z6n2puGqdMsp3u4cUrzpUyKSdGN2rt2MpzkDxn5S) but I can’t access it through the ipfs.io gateway. Makes it kinda pointless if it requires a command line to work…

Edit: Yawn. This stuff isn’t ready for production. No good documentation either.

Okay, so I’ve tried IPFS (all around terrible), ZeroNet (couldn’t get it to work at all, complained about some ports; also just bad interface), RetroShare (same as ZeroNet). Freenet was a breath of fresh air - actually worked, let me quickly and simply upload the website and it doesn’t require me to be online 24h/day. There’s also lots of settings related to security and everything else. It’s an old project and much more polished compared to the new guys it seems. Here’s the key if you want to check it out: _USK@b2qNKBPnGtx9gDBDqiNCXzxQWZZVX-13Ndo—SBK80,F4F-zo2vAfMmIKY11uEwV~XS~vHJPh9V2dC7hsf538I,AQACAAE/digdeeper/0/

I recommend moving to Freenet regardless, because with all the recent censorship, we might not have a clearnet for too long.

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Offering Web Hosting at Disroot would be an awesome idea. We already have lots of privacy services at Disroot, but expanding a portfolio when it’s possible in my world is a win. I hope that at some point it happens. : >


it is not at all on the todo list. We already have a lot of things to take care of, and not that much time. Disroot it not a current job, so we still have our job to do!


Le vendredi 23 octobre 2020 à 04:33 +0000, totivit426 via Disroot - Forum a écrit :

October 23

Offering Web Hosting at Disroot would be an awesome idea. We already have lots of privacy services at Disroot, but expanding a portfolio when it’s possible in my world is a win. I hope that at some point it happens. : >

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I totally understand it. I really hope that this project will be supported more, so that you can actually focus on Disroot if it was financially viable to have it as a day to day job with a good salary.

finding good foss web hosting isn’t that hard… is it?

  • github pages used to be great. until microsoft bought it… but it’s still foss for now.
  • gitlab is the best foss and alternative to github ever! not sure if they offer same web hosting though.
  • netlify isn’t foss… but it’s close enough and offers the best web hosting.
  • you can always go with unhosted as well…
  • ipfs.io looks awesome today!

what’s so wrong with those?

I hope gitea will offer this option too. Someone asked it but I don’t know if they’re working on it: https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issues/3834