Help needed to build an Android package for AnySoftKeyboard

Hi, I’m Porru, a Disroot user!
I speak, as well as other languages, Esperanto, the international language.

I’m also translator (mainly to Basque language, my native language) on various projects, such as Ardour, Exodus, /e/OS… and, being user of AnySoftKeyboard too, I wanted to create an Esperanto Language package, with better and more displays, more complete dictionary and, most important, with available sourcecode than the unofficial Esperanto package already existed.

So I simply started and done all what I needed, except to build it: I’m not a developer, even less with Android and Java, and some special commands must be executed.
Now I’m with a possible good package, but unable to build it.

Could someone help me?

I created this issue on ASK repository:

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