Help please with Disroot and keypass2 synchronisation

I have passwords stored in keypass2 on both my Android phone and my Ubuntu computer. I have successfully used keypass2 on my Android phone to synchronise with the file stored on Disroot using Nextcloud. When I try to synchronise the keypass2 database on my Ubuntu computer with Disroot using Nextcloud I get the not authorised error. On the same computer, using the same URL, username and password I’m able to login and download the KDBX file so it’s not an incorrect entry.

Do I need to authorise my computer like on Dropbox or is there some other solution?

I look forward to your helpful reply.

Do you use Two Factor Authentication on nextcloud?
You need to provide more information of your setup, maybe in form of screenshot. Perhaps you have set the app wrong (also which app are you using to syncronize? nextcloud desktop client, online accounts from ubuntu settings?)

Thank you muppeth for the prompt reply. I’ve been looking at many different options to answer your questions.

I used username and password to authenticate my access to the Disroot cloud. I did find that the error disappeared when I used the URL of the actual keepass2 file. Something like:

When I tried to synchronise using the full URL, username and password, keepass2 said that it was synchronised but the entry added to Disroot via the Android keepass2 app didn’t appear in the database on the Ubuntu keepass2 app even though I sychronised to the Disroot file from the Android app.

Unless you have seen this behaviour before it seems like an error with the Ubuntu keepass2 app not synchronising properly with the Disroot database.

I need to investigate further.