help pls: Android NextCloud on maintenance mode

this is my first time in actually a forum.:sweat:
I really like disroot cloud service but since few days back I am not being able to access my files from android application. when I try to download it says “server in maintenance mode”
I already tried to find a solution by myself but I had no luck. hope you can help me.


Just checked logs and seems like you have changed/rest your password recently and did not update the passowrd in nextcloud. Please follow the instructions below form your browser:

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Hello Muppeth,
it worked perfectly :slight_smile: thank you very much.
on the other hand I found also that manual has a slight difference in some process steps, like titles and links where to click on and stuff like that, I will happy to do an update to the how to. let me know if possible and if so how can I engage.