Hey guys...Disroot XMPP issue

Just wanted to tell you guys that OMEMO encryption does not work on your server. Neither with two disroot accounts nor disroot to some other server. I know it’s not on my client’s end because it works with riseup.net. Might want to check it out?


It works. OMEMO is client side encryption. And I use it personally with number of contacts both from and outside disroot.
Works without a problem (tested quickly on dino.im, conversations, converse.js)

You can ping me on disroot room to test it out.

After some checks with @digdeeper it looks like its pidgin related. Could be pidgin is not compatible with our version of prosody or pep module (we’re running rather bleeding-edge trunk).

I’ll be installing pidgin for further checks and either try to enable some legacy modules, report back to pidgin, or because of the software (pidgin) being old and not maintained (xmpp plugins) to discourage its use.

Hi Muppeth,
how to access the disroot room using Conversation app?


Tested more with some other people. Pidgin to Pidgin:

  • Still can’t get Disroot to work.
  • RiseUp seems to screw up with every other server except RiseUp.
  • Autistici seems to work well so far with everyone.

Conversations to Pidgin:

  • Group chat OMEMO doesn’t seem to work with either RiseUp or Disroot, but somehow does with Autistici (?). The guy I was testing with was using honk.li server.

Keep in mind these results are preliminary. Probably will have more confirmations tomorrow.

Do you guys think it’s PIDGIN that is the issue? If so, would, say, Gajim fix all the mentioned issues? Might try that tomorrow.

Do you guys think it’s PIDGIN that is the issue?

Yes, I am able to use OMEMO with Gajim.

With my Autistici account and Pidgin, I can use OMEMO with everyone privately, but Conversations still seems to choke on it…but only with some servers and only in group chat.

This is confusing.

I use OMEMO with dino and conversations with no issues. I do check converse.js but that one deletes the keys after the session so not really for permanent use yet, but it works ok’ish with other clients (mainly tested conversations and dino, while with dino I do bump into issues sometimes).

But all in all it works fine. As I mentioned it might be because we use basically development version of prosody (xmpp server) with the latest modules, which might not be compatible to the fullest with pidgin.
Just to get more info, which version of pidgin and omemo plugin do you use?

Pidgin 2.13, lurch 0.6.8.

But what do you think about this admission from Conversations’ website?

“OMEMO is only available in 1:1 chats and private (members-only, non-anonymous) group chats. Encrypting public group chats makes little to no sense since anyone (including a hypothetical attacker) can join and a user couldn’t possibily verify all participants anyway. Furthermore for a lot of public group chat it is desirable to give new comers access to the full history.”

So, do I have to make a chatroom private if I want to have OMEMO work with Conversations? That’s so inconvenient since I’d now have to invite everyone…