Hey people, I'm now apparently a paid shill for Disroot...


So where is my money? :smile_cat:

EDIT: Heh, he actually deleted the site already. Fortunately I’ve immortalized it: :sunglasses: https://web.archive.org/web/20190918052948/http://privacy-watchdog.io/the-truth-about-disroot-org/?replytocom=3


@digdeeper we paid you with clicks and likes from our indian farm, you dont remember? :smiley:

It’s amazing how such website with such accusation gets hits. Now I see on his website that we are even “DDosing” it to prevent the guy from spreading the “truth”. I think the best that could and should be done is to ignore it and not fuel the guy. (after some comments posted, he just removed them all including possibility to comment further and started accusing of ddos)


Sorry, but i cannot resist, after reading that article i feel like this guy:

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hahahahahahaha.,…, you made my day :slight_smile:

I want to see how this goes out. Also I love how he says to contact him via Reddit, but doesn’t list his Reddit.

This guy is truly an enigma. In the Disroot article he links to https://www.privacytools.io/providers/email/ for evidence that “privacy experts” don’t recommend Riseup or Autistici. However that link has Disroot at the top of the list, haha. Talk about digging your own hole. Then he creates a new article accusing Privacy Tools of censorship…right after using them as a reliable source of privacy expertise. The DDOS stuff was probably made up as well.

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Blacklight447 here from privacytools.io, the dude is a nutjob lmao, he actually acusses us from being bribed by protonmail for hold your breath: a whopping 11 bucks a month, totaling for a grand 1.40 dollars each month for each member.


>$1.40 per month

Privacy Watchdog: Hmm, HMMMM clearly they’re being bribed.

How, how does someone think that. I don’t think a $1.40 bribe can work on anything.

hahaha Interesting. I dont know if we should talk in public or I guess now we are bribing you guys with those millions we get from patreon :stuck_out_tongue:

As I said, as interesting as it is, people like this guy should be ignored as this sudden interest in his ‘website’ is really what makes him continue. Not really worth the time.

Has Disroot gotten new visits since then?

There are these mysterious statistics from #general:privacytools.io and privacy-watchdog was the only suggested theory on what happened at that time.