Hi everybody

Hello all, new here; and not just the name.

I’ve been a very privacy and internet freedom advocate for some years now; however I used to use Facebook, not knowing many people with your own interests, ideas or concerns can drag you to it, the paradox.

But jokes aside, happy to have found you. I’ve been using ProtonMail, I love the Swiss laws on the matter; and StartPage, former Ixquick, for my searches, and am very happy with it.

I’ve worked in IT Security for some years so it is a very interesting topic for me. If it is hacking, privacy, security, GNU/Linux or any underground forums you have my full attention.

Well folks, nice to be here and I hope to make the best of it.


PS: I am trying to get in touch with more like minded people, so if you live in Buenos Aires let me know.

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Hi, I’m happy to see new members like. I’m from France, male and 31 years old. I love vegan food and free software. So maybe we can share some ideas on Jabber or mastodon. My nickname is Weerbor.