Hi Everyone !

Hi Friends ! I’m just joined here and, i’d love to be a part of your community if you accept me :smiley:

I don’t know there is correct place to share things like this but, i hope there is no problem to wellcoming new members with this topic :slight_smile:

My Name is Huseen and, i’m From Azeribijan :azerbaijan:

I have a lot of intrest of tech and privacy or, releated to it :d

I hope i can be part of this great communuity. I’m so excited to see new people to replying my post :smiley: love you all guys :hugs:

Happy to be here, my work; calico cats for sale.


Welcome to Disroot Forum!

I’m here new too.

I’m from Ukraine.

And I like IT, privacy, computing etc.

And we accept you!