How do I set up sync between Rainloop contacts and NextCloud contacts?

I’m trying to figure out how to sync my contacts between Rainloop webmail and NextCloud. Sorry if there is already a thread about this, I did a search but couldn’t see one. The only related thing I found was this older thread, which mentioned it was possible to sync contacts between Rainloop and ownCloud:

So, is it possible to set up sync between Rainloop contacts and NextCloud contacts? If so, how?

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Hi @strypey long time dont read.
Could be its outdated but last time I checked it worked well:

Because my question is the same as @strypey I re-use this old thread. :slight_smile: I have imported my Google contacts into Nextcloud so that Icould sync them with my Android phone using DAVx5. This works like a charm.

Now I want to use these contacts in my rainloop webmail. The URL to the howto that is linked above doensn’t work anymore, and I can’t find a mail section at The section is empty now.

Is this howto still online somewhere?

Hi, martijn.
We’re currently working on it. But since we’re looking for a better webmail solution the howto is kind of on hold. We expect to solve it soon.

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Any updates on contact sync betweeen NextCloud and Disroot email?

We are currently working (finally) on replacement of rainloop. We are planning to migrate to roundcube. The nice thing is that contacts will be automatically synced with nextlcoud when the migration happens so no additional work will be required from users.

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