How many people use Disroot?

I am not sure if I missed it on the website, and I realise that due to federation this is not an important issue, but how many people are signed up for/actively use Disroot?

Ouch. This question is waiting for a long time for an answer.

We do not disclose this information, because we dont see the reason and/or benefit of sharing this with anyone. Plus we would also have to ask all the people if they agree :joy:
The practical reason is that we do not provide a single service and therefore its very hard to estimate how many active users disroot has.

Besides we don’t need to shine numbers to private investors to get that cream, so we dont :slight_smile:


@ster = I am from India and from various Linux mailing lists, I can see good number of users from India with disroot e-mail address. So you can add India as country in your analytics where disroot is being used by open source software users. Thanks.

Indian Free software community was one of the first ones to start using our platform which we are very greatful for as a lot of you guys do massive contribution to free sotfware movement.

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