How safe is

This is gonna be interesting! @muppeth you are the man.
“HOW SECURE ARE DISROOT SERVERS?” , “ARE THEY ENCRYPTED?”, Finding more options than Google account scratches that part of my mind about, can too much good exist without returns?

PS: I’ve recommended my 6(only) friends to use! I can even subscribe to RSS feed, this is fucking great!! Cheers.


Good question, could we crowdsource a third party audit?

Personally I’m looking into using as an alternative to big US companies and their advertising, trying to evade law enforcement is a bridge too far and unnecessary for me.

Also ran into this blog:
Not sure what to think about it, comments?

Edit2: privacy watchdog seems tinfoil hattery

I can tell you at least one thing there that is unquestionably, one hundred percent wrong:

Disroot also seems to have purchased a whole page of good reviews from a site called “Digdeeper” (Archive).

I run that site and I can assure you I took no money for the Disroot review nor for anything else on the site. “Privacy Watchdog” should watch his own nonsense claims first before judging service providers…


Just from the first general look around they use all open source/foss software services. I’ve seen a similar french company with the same software packages. They were rated highly in regards to privacy. If that counts for anything

I am too interested in knowing more about this aspect of disroot. @muppeth it would be great if you could comment a bit regarding this.

What exactly do you want me to answer to?

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Privacy watchdog appears to like ripping into privacy-focused groups and companies using allegations and twisted facts to back their worldview view. I find it likely they fully believe what they are preaching and/or are trying to gain something from their site.
My personal opinion is that they run, or are a part of a different privacy-focused company and are trying to boost their repour.


rss is always great
it is hard to create the account on with aliases ,
the anti spam verification has not let me in

Purely technically, disroot scores 85/100 (as of Sept 2021):
Better than ProtonMail and posteo, and almost the same as Tutanota.

But - that is purely technically. There are several other elements that would define an ideal mail provider.