How to avoid spam while using mailing lists?

Hi. I have a Disroot account but have not yet actually migrated from Gmail. I intend to first adopt Disroot mail for mailing lists, then later adopt it for everything. However, I am worried about spam. Gmail provides easy alternate addresses: mail sent to reaches the mailbox, where suffix is any combination of words or numbers. Besides, Gmail ignores dots before the ‘@’^1. This way we have different addresses for different purposes, which might help with filtering, including anti-spam filtering. Does Disroot support anything like this?

Another tactic would be to create a separate mail account for mailing lists. If I do that, would I be abusing Disroot’s precious volunteer-funded resources? That is, if instead of receiving/transmitting a given volume of email on just one account, I instead received/transmitted the same total volume spread over two accounts, would I be abusing Disroot resources?

First, thank you for considering the resources offered by Disroot. In theory spreading a given volume of multiple accounts doesn’t affect the service that much, but of course - mail boxes tend to fill up and you might eventualy use more storage space then inteded, which in return means less storage space available for others. And, depending on your user names - less user name possibilities for others.

Luckily it is not necessary to create multiple accounts because it is possible to use ‘+suffix’ with your disroot email account, just like you are used to with your Gmail. (The dot on the other hand is reserved for usernames).

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Thank you for your answer.