How to check remaining email space?


I am using disroot since quite a while in/from India as my primary e-mail address & so far never got space issue.
I am trying to find how to check remaining space of my e-mail box.

Is it the same remaining space out of 4GB which is displayed after logging at
Surprisingly at I see only 4MB space utilized which is impossible for the e-mail service.

Hence this question.
I tried to locate that option but unable to find.

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Cloud space and email are separate.

There is a bug preventing you from seeing the mailbox size via webmail, though we hope to solve it soon. (mailbox size by default os 2GB)

I can see the number with percentage sign at bottom now after sign-in at
I am not sure if this feature is added recently or I missed to notice it. Thanks.


Yeah we just added it last week
We will send email announcement in 1.5 weeks mentioning that and all other things that have changed in last months.

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