How to leave gmail behind

Hi everyone,

I have just recently created my Disroot account, and I am having a bit of a hard time figuring out how to best leave Gmail behind.

The technical aspects are quite easy of course, you get a email and use it.

But the transition isn’t as smooth, and I have some doubts before I figure out how to organise my workflow:

  1. How do I get other people to stop using my Gmail account and use the new address? Even if I am writing emails with my new address when friends and family email me, they are so used to “” that they always end up writing there.

  2. Should I update my login credentials to websites I use (like Reddit, DeviantArt, and online shops)? Or should I keep Gmail for those? I see my new address as a nice blank slate that isn’t tracked or archived anywhere, but won’t I “ruin” it if I start plugging it into online stores and services?

  3. Is it worth having an anonymous address and identity, besides the one with my name and surname attached to them, for work? I mostly care about privacy and my data being my own, but should I also care about anonymity?

How did you handle the transition?

Sorry for the long post, hopefully, it is not too OT.

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1 - Would it be a problem if, whenever they send an e-mail to your gmail account, you replied with “Please resend this to my new e-mail: - I’m getting rid of this one” ?

2 - Well, this is an opportunity for you to consider which accounts you even want to keep. I don’t think Reddit is very privacy-friendly, for example…But if you do want to keep using reddit, yes I would change the e-mail. You do want to dump gmail after all, right?

3 - I don’t really understand the first part, but yes you should care about anonymity too.

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you can set up an automatic reply on gmail, asking to join you on disroot. At the same time, you program an automatic transfer of all your emails from Gmail to disroot. This is the solution I used with my old yahoo email address. It allows a smooth transition.


Hi both,

thank you so much for helping me out with my doubts:

I think I’ll go with the “manual” option at the beginning (feels more personal, let’s see if this time they listen), and set up an automatic reply only later on if the suggestion doesn’t “take”.

This I’ll do straight away, thank you.
Time to unsubscribe to a bunch of newsletters, while I am there!

You are right, of course.
Back when I left Facebook and Instagram, I got rid of some of my accounts for other services (like Tumblr), but some are hard to leave behind, especially Twitter and Reddit that I still use regularly.
I have built some sort of relationships on Twitter and there are people I won’t be able to get in touch with anymore if I abandon it, while Reddit has trhiving and helpful communities on sujects I am interested in, like Manjaro Linux, gaming, and so on.

I am against the suggestion of auto answering emails with your new contact details.
You do not want to give everyone your new details. Spammers, Ex Boy/Girls-friends…

I use auto forwarding. Create a rule that moves every incoming email from your old address to a folder like “old email” in disroot.
If the email is from an online account I like to keep I change the contact details on the site itself.
Newsletters and spam are left on gmail.
Everything what gets in contact with my personal details (bank, social media,…) is transferred to the new email.
I do not want that google keeps my personal mails. So I changed the email address involved with these accounts to the new email address.

Everything I may need a password reset is also transferred to the new email.
But I keep the old email as last recovery option for very important accounts.

If I lose access to my primary email I still want to be able to recover an account. Thats why for example, it is not a bad idea to have your old email set up as a possible recovery email address. (to reset the password for your primary email)

If an important site accepts 2 recovery emails I set it up like this:
Recovery email address 1 = new email
recovery email address 2 = old email

For things like password managers (bitwarden as example)…

That sad, I use my own domain and have a backup email receiver in case disroot is down or did not receive the email.
Maybe a little bit to much -

Just keep your old email for unimportant stuff like newsletters around :slight_smile:


I use thunderbird.

you can put two (or many) addresses to manage them. Whenever you answer an email, it has this wonderful option to change the from address.

Hope this helps.


I like @idnovic’s idea too, of auto-forwarding emails. I used it once, while changing to a new Gmail address, and plan to do the same for my Disroot ID now.

To add to @ana’s solution, Thunderbird also lets you set a “Reply-To” address (which can be different from the “From” address) so when people reply it’ll go to that by default. It’s useful for those people who are too lazy to change their contact details manually. Of course, using “From” might be simpler—it depends on your preference!

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Hi, melyanna.

I have been going through similar problems trying to dump Google. I have been unable to totally get rid of Gmail because of my Android phone. However, I have minimized my usage of Gmail. Any normal non-spam email is automatically forwarded to my new email address. Except for accounts that use my Gmail address, I ask the sender to update to my new address. There is now very little activity in my Gmail account. When something does come to the Gmail account, I can safely delete it and empty the trash.

I’m also a long time Thunderbird user. Right now, Thunderbird is managing 4 of my email accounts. As others have mentioned, Thunderbird allows you to respond to email using any of the accounts that are set up with an SMTP server. All of my accounts are set up as IMAP, which allows me to drag messages from one account to another from within Thunderbird. This makes it very easy to manage old Gmail email that I want to save. I can’t yet get rid of the Gmail account, but is nearly always empty.

Best of luck in making your escape from Google!


I’m using a very similar setup as @zencat. Thunderbird is great for handling several accounts. And same herre, being on Android, I have a minimum Google stuff I can’t get rid of. My preferred mail app there is K-9, which also handles several accounts, as well as several IDs for the same account.

My Thunderbird, if to go a little off topic, is the portable one (my work forces me to use Windows, not Linux), but I store it, together with my XMPP/Jabber client, in a Veracrypt volume file. Apart from the volume file being encrypted (usual caveats apply) it is easy to move between my comps on a dedicated thumbdrive.