How to pull Disroot contacts to desktop client

Hi there,

I did not find this question in my forum search, so, I am on Linux desktop, I installed Evolution and Thunderbird, both clients connect fine when sending / receiving mail;

but none of them pull my Disroot contacts, TB has lightning, and evolution does not use extensions.

Does anyone has this same issue? or know about a desktop client that can do it?


I don’t have a Linux desktop, so I can’t try these things out myself, but this is what I got from looking around the web:

For Thunderbird, go into the Add-on manager and get the extension CardBook. Evolution is supposed to support it as-is. Here are someone else’s directions:
With luck, Disroot will be similar. Your contacts url should be something like USERNAME/contacts

Good luck.


That was useful, now I know it is an error on the email client and not the mail services, I exported my Disroot contacts and set it as local book for the time being.

I will figure it out.

Thx man.

If you use Gnome you can easily pull all contacts, calendars, tasks and have your files mounted using onlien accounts.
Generally I advice looking through the tutorials. Community of dedicated disrooters are doing amazing job in documenting this type of things :heart_eyes_cat:


I really do not like Gnome, xD, but I tried gnome on a vb, and nope, gnome online accounts did not pull contacts either.

I’ll just keep them locally, or put them on one of the other email accounts that do work.

Not a big deal.


I use gnome and it works fine. With latest gnome there was an issue with online accounts but has been fixed since (if you use the lastest).

Can you send email to and send us your username so we can check the logs for issues, if there is anything obvious.

Oky doky, mail sent.