How to register for DisHub

I tried registering for DisHub and was directed to the Password Self Service. I could’nt log in with that. I asume that DisHub is Hubzilla for Disroot.

It may not be for the average person. I don’t really understand it.

Hi, Posrev.
You don’t need to register if you already have a Disroot account. Just go to and log in with your credentials (your and your password).

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Thanks @Fede
I just put my username and not my the :brain:

yes, it’s true. thanks

thanks for the awesome information.

Is anyone else having any recent issues with logging in to Hubzilla (

In my case, it’s first time trying to log in. I’m using my email and disroot password. After clicking “login” button it seems to submit the data but then only returns to the /login page with the email and password fields cleared out. There is no error message at all.

Anyone care to try logging in to a fresh browser session just to see if it may be something with the login page?

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I’m having this issue as well and I don’t think browser is the issue.

Same for me, some 2 months or so ago I used to just get a blank white screen when trying to log in. Now it just returns me to the login page.
Using Nomad, the disroot app for dishub, I get similar issues.

I believe hubzilla is fairly new to disroot so hopefully these issues will disappear in the near future.

It seems like the new version has a bug where users loggin in with disrot credentials are seen as new registration. Since registrations are not enabled (because we want only disroot accounts to be created) looks like all new accounts are awaiting non-existant approval. I have noticed that last week and filed a bug report on this one. In the meantime try to login again and I will be approving the pending users until the issue is resolve (I will be doing it once a day so it might take few hours before you can login for real0.

Yes this is till very much alpha state as we do not promote the service on our website and as you could experience yourself it isn’t stable enough to be introduced to wider audience. We are getting there but not yet.

Is there a board where longer term problems are listed for certain services?
Like, but I think that’s probably for short term problems.

The reason I’m asking is that I’m fairly new here, and logging in did not work.
In the end I found this topic, but I think it is not very visible, and it might be a good thing to gather known issues to a central place.