How to send mail “from” an email address at my own domain

Hi, folks!

I’ve recently migrated to Disroot from Google, including my email. I have an email address at my own domain, which now redirects all incoming mail to my Disroot inbox rather than to Google. (This made it easy to switch.) Receiving email is working.

However, I’m unable to send email using my own non-Disroot address as the “from” address. I’ve set up an identity in Rainloop using that address; when I try to send an email using this identity, Rainloop says “Can’t send message”. If I switch to my Disroot “from” address, sending the message succeeds. (I’ve set up K-9 Mail similarly; K-9 says “Failed to send some messages. Error: no valid recipients”.)

SPF is disabled on my domain. I was able to send messages from my own address using Google, so I assume the difference is due to a security or anti-spam measure on the Disroot mail server.

Is there any way I can use my own email address as the “from” address when sending via Disroot? Or, what’s the best way to disguise my Disroot email address so that my contacts keep seeing and using my own email address?


I dont know what are gmail settings about it but I guess you had to set custom domain or something.

In disroot in order to prevent domain spoofing where users could create any identity ( for example) user has to own email address to be able to send from it. This means your custom domain email address has to be assign to your username.

We offer custom domain assignment to all regular contributors. Check the “Email aliases and domain linking” section at

Thanks for the quick reply! I had read that, but somehow I clearly managed to miss the part about domain linking. (I don’t remember there being any setup with Gmail — it seems to let you send from any email address you like.)

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This is a possiblitity that was offered without too much configuration by in the early days but this is not possible to add your email to a free gmail account. I think this is still possible with a paid or enterprise gmail account but I don’t know much about it and this may require more configuration.