How to sync News + Thunderbird


This is not my language, I will try not to make it too weird,

I am using the bookmarks app to sync my browsers, thru an extension called Floccus, It took me a bit to figure out the mechanics, but I finally got it running. I can access my bookmarks either from the app on Disroot or the browser, changes made in either get updated. I guess you already know this.

Now this is the weird question, can I set the same kind of mechanics for the News app? can I syncronize the feeds from News on Disroot with Thunderbird? the same king of way you read mail using IMAP.

Or maybe, how to make TB store the articles on Disroot Files app rather than locally.


A través de Thunderbird podés agregar feeds o importar un archivo con una lista de ellos. Aún no hay forma de sincronizar las noticias en NC con TB. Tal vez con algún addon, pero no encontré ninguno que funcione.

Through Thunderbird you can add feeds or import a file with a list of them. There is still no way to synchronize news in NC with TB. Maybe with some addon, but I didn’t find one that works.


He estado buscando plugins o extensiones, pero hasta ahora nada, traté de usar CardBook, pero solo funciona para contáctos y calendario, no feeds.

Ni pex, seguir buscando,