How to use disroot as a team?

Hi, we are trying to use disroot services to communicate and collaborate as a team but we don’t really understand how to do it. How will we share the same spaces (tasks, kanban, nextcloud)?

Hi @panuma it’s actually good topic for howto as it will summarize sharing aspect across all services. But that needs some work so my answer below won’t cover all the aspects in details.

There are two ways to collaborate together.

  • As individuals. Each user creates disroot account and you share files/contacts/calendars/tasks with eachother.
  • Creaing ‘Circles’ in Nextcloud and having all the group members join the circle. You can then share files with the everybody in the circle. You can have multiple circles.

In Nextcloud you can share any calendar or file. When sharing calendar the tasks are automatically shared as they are an integral part of the calendar. You can easily share files and folders with people you want to collaborate with. Check our cloud howtos

You can start new project and then invite people you want to work with. Remember that people need to create disroot account first. If they register to taiga via the invitation, it won’t work. (It’s a known issue and something we will fix soon).

Best way to get chatting is to use matrix. Just go to , login with your disroot account, create a room and invite people (check this howto for more details).

Pads and Calcs
If you want to work on documents and / or spreadsheets together, you can use our pads or calcs directly or via nextcloud (more efficient as you can share the links more easily with eachother) More info on that here


Wonderful, thank you @muppeth!

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