Howto's and Translations

We’ve been recieving questions and offers to translate the Disroot tutorials to multiple different language. We think it is really cool that people are inspired to contribute and make Disroot’s Howto’s accecible in other languages - Hey, some people have even started already with writing!

So in order to coordinate better and make sure no one’s effort gets wasted, we created a process for writing/improving Howto’s and for submitting translations. We made a seperate Howto project-board on Taiga that could be eventualy cloned to accomodate any language request.

Explanation on how to use the board can be found here and on how to request a translation project here.

We use Git for submiting changes and translation. We plan to write a tutorial on how to use git in the coming week.

If you want to contribute with Howto’s, pop into our Howto Matrix room at