Hubzilla gives 504 Gateway Timeout

Heads up that has been having troubles today. It was slow for a few hours and now it is giving a 504. Thanks to anyone who can give this a nudge to bring it back to life.

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Last days we struggle with some issue on hubzilla that causes total meltdown of the container its hosted on. Havent have time to look into it as it would happen once every few days, however recently it happens few times a day. I think I has something to do with recent influx of diaspora users as the issue got worse more or less together with the appearance of pluspora (a diaspora pod to house g@#!@+ refugees).

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Thanks for the info, @muppeth . I’m curious: How does having a popular, new D* pod affect Hubzilla? Is it that users on are connecting to all of these new pluspora users and so there are more posts flowing into feeds?

Also, just went offline again. This time with a 502.

I cannot answer you in detail what is happening as i havent check myself whats going on yet. But it might be that because X more posts are produced on diaspora it takes X amount of time/resources to pull them at once. Or its just some bug we cought there.

Yes. our monitoring informs us when it happens so we usually quickly retsart container (seems to be resolving it). I hope in next few days I will have time to look into this in detail because it happens way too frequent.


Hi, @muppeth,

Have you had a chance to look into this yet? Although things have calmed down since the initial G+ refugee influx on the Federation, I still get this once or twice a day.

Might upgrading to the latest version of Hubzilla help? In addition to the performance issues, I’m hoping for an upgrade to pick up fixes for other issues that I’ve encountered.

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Just wanted to say that I’ve got the same error while trying to use the “Upload website from zipped folder” feature just now.

@digdeeper Hmmm… I’ll have a look. I never used that feature (didnt even knew it existed).How big was the zip? Do you mind sharing it (i assume its a public website) so we could check it out?

@alysonsee Sorry for late reply into this (totally missed it) as you probably know we have updated hubzilla to the latest and manage to improve on stability, speed and other issues. At this moment things seem to be working fine (though the upgrade was painfull).

Here it is: It’s 8.8MB. Or you can view the website here: