HubZilla - newly added photos not visible in Photos app.

This used to work but I just tried to upload a few ones (to make sure it’s not a single corrupted photo) and they don’t appear. As usual confirmed with an unmodified surf browser.

The funny thing is - they DO APPEAR in the Files app, so I know they’re there. It seems the Photos app somehow doesn’t pull them in. The old ones are still there and can be seen in the Photos app.

Yes. We have noticed this earlier this morning. It seems to be due to hubzilla 4.0 update from last night.

We havent gotten time to look deeper into it and solve it, but will surelly do it tonight.
Sorry for that.

Nice! Thanks. Let me mention something else then - if you go to it says: Your files/photos are accessible via WebDAV at '[your username]. And that link throws up the error: “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.” And some Sabredav errors later.

Should be fine now. Can you confirm?

The images work, thanks. The WebDAV error is still there:

how do you get to that error?

  1. Login to HubZilla
  2. Click on your avatar in the top left corner, then click “Settings” -
  3. Copy the link from "Your files/photos are accessible via WebDAV at ‘[username]
  4. And paste it into the address bar

I understand now. This works as expected. You need to have Webdav support on your browser. This is the link you can use to mount your storage on your desktop for example on nautilus (linux) or even on nextcloud.

Makes sense. The message kind of makes it sound like it’s a server error to me. Thanks.