I Can't login in Riot

Hi everybody! I have a problem with Riot login (from https://chat.disroot.org/). I wrote my disroot username and password and I got a message that the username or password were incorrect. I tried change my password and I got another message that my disroot email doesn’t exist. The same thing happened to me in forum login, but in that case I created an account with my disroot email without problems. The other services work excellent! (with my disroot username and password).

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Please refer to this thread. We are discontinue matrix service. New users can no longer login to matrix. We are shifting back to xmpp. We suppose to write official statement and remove all links etc to matrix, but due to other workloads this has been postponed.

@vicentesalmean When logging into forum click on “Login with disroot account” button on the popup that appears after you click “Log in”.

Thanks for the info, I’m going to take it into account in my next login

Now I understand, thanks for informing me!