Idea (kind of) to achieve privacy

While I was reading the most recent e-mail from Disroot about the new servers and the new EU laws to control private chats, I had an idea, or rather “half an idea” about a strategy that could be used to achieve privacy no matter what. This is not a solution, but more of a bearing and very likely, somebody has already thought of something like this, but maybe not enough people have been thinking about it and if more people have this on their mind, it’s more likely that somebody will come up with an implementation, so here it goes.

My idea is that the simplest way to achieve privacy is to encrypt data using a method that will expire and that can’t be saved for later. To get this, ideally, we should have a very large number of “public noise channels”. For example, a noise channel could be the words that are being said on a certain TV channel. Everybody can watch it so you tell your peer to watch it and pick the word that comes up when you send the sync, then that’s the “password” for encryption. Later, anybody that saved the chat can’t read it unless they have saved all the contents of that TV channel all the time.

Instead of using TV channels, which are not such a huge number of and are not very random, something else could be used, like something cosmic, say, the intensity of light coming from a specific spot in the sky (because there are so many possible spots) or more technically, a website with a server that is specially designed to provide a huge number of such noise channels produced using a function that nobody can see. You pass the “coordinates” to the server and the server replies with the encryption xor words for the next ten seconds. If there are many independent such servers, people can tell their peers “watch this noise server, with these coordinates” and the whole chat is encrypted using the stream of xor words coming from that server+channel. Only way for somebody to be able to decrypt that is to store absolutely all content of all channels (could be millions) all the time.

Hope it all makes sense and is of any use or at least, inspires somebody smarter than me to do something much better. If you think this is useless, just pass on the idea and maybe somebody else gets inspired. Who knows? Ha, ha. Thanks for reading :slight_smile: