Ideas to Improve onboarding and User Experience

hi @muppeth , my pleasure,

may I suggest as a reference the Tor Browser’s landing page?

It’s VERY user friendly because:

  • the first thing you see is the function and the mission altogether: BROWSE PRIVATELY. EXPLORE FREELY. that’s pure effectiveness

  • The second thing you see as you scroll is a very quick tour of the perks of using Tor, that becomes storytelling because it’s paired with those pleasant, fresh and funny illustrations. Illustrations like that now are everywhere on the web because people trust services when they are funny and pleasant.

  • The third thing is the About part, which not many users get to or want to read, but still, the short sentences and the very large text body makes it so fast and easy to read that people has no excuses :wink:

I’m glad to contribute to your amazing project.

Wise =)

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I’ve been using your pads as a possible escape from google docs for collaborative writing. One of the features we were looking for is comments on parts of a document. Looked like disroot pads offered comments, but when we try to use them, they have some problems.

  1. It does not seem to be possible to reply to a comment. The next comment on a selection of a doc appears to overwrite the previous comment.
  2. Doesn’t seem to be possible to list and see all the comments.

Etherpad seems to have some “extra features” for comments that we’d like to use:

Hmmm I thought it was related tot he new skin (theme) but looks like it isn’t. I will hve a look and try to fix it up.

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Just went and tried framapad. Their comments are lovely. But I can’t figure out how to add an image, while disroot pads do so easily just by adding a link to an online image. So I have not found my escape from google docs yet…

yeah it’s all matter of set of plugins, so probably they dont have enabled something we did.
I’ll do my best to fix this up this weekend.

@muppeth thanks a lot! If you get it done, please let me know here or in a PM? I abandoned framapad and am continuing to write on a disroot pad, which I want to open up for comments soon.

Also, should I have posted an issue about disroot pads somewhere else than this onboarding and UX topic? (I do appreciate the reply, though…)

I would say that this page gives good indications as to where ot submit bugs
Starting new thread on the forum could also be an idea. Since I’ve been made aware of the issue, I did take a liberty and created it myself (so I dont forget) on our taiga board. I will still ping you up the moment it’s fixed.


Good news. The comments work now as expected. Most probably they were previously broken due to plugin conflict. I’ve now removed quite few plugins in the process. A lot of them were quite outdated and causing issues. So if there is some functionality you’re missing, let us know. We’ll be testing other currently disabled plugins in the course of the week, but it does feel much lighter and less bloated which is good.


Thanks a lot! Do I need to do anything special to get the comments to work better on an existing pad? I reloaded and don’t see any difference. The next comment on a selection still overrides the previous ones, and I don’t see any way to show more than one comment on a selection, or to see all comments in a side panel.

Hmmm… thats then different issue. I will have a look :expressionless:

But yeah perhaps we should move this topic elsewhere as it becomes quite oftop here.

The comments not working was a browser cache thing. I opened the same pad in another browser and the comments work perfectly! Thank you very much @muppeth !!!

Address book! :slight_smile:

@abhyankar what do you mean?

If I send e-mail to, next time if I start typing abc I do not get prompt with drop down menu with the address list.

Where exactly? in webmail? what do you expect to have? Like autocomplete for your contacts or disroot users in general?
We are planning to switch webmail in coming month to roundcube so if its about webmail (though currently you can also sync with nextcloud) I would wait until we do the switch.

Sorry for very late reply.

Where exactly? in webmail?