IMAP push on iOS devices

I was wondering whether disroot supports IMAP push on iOS devices? My iOS 13.3 device doesn’t allow for IMAP push configuration (only automatic/manual polling) with my disroot account. I have an additional E-Mail account with another provider where IMAP push can be configured on the very same device. I’m using the stock iOS E-Mail App. IMAP push for disroot on my Android 9 device with the K9 app works fine though.

I have no clue. I dont own apple device so cant really tell you if it works and how to make it work if it doesnt? Doesn’t it needs some push server running seperatelly for apple stuff?

No, IMAP push does not work for disroot with iOS devices. And yes, it looks like the Apple Push Notification Service needs to be contacted in order to get it working.

The folks at have develped an open source plugin for dovecot: However, I don’t which server software you guys have deployed. If you use dovecot as well, it might be worth checking out :wink:

Oh. Thanks. We do use dovecot so we’ll be looking into it. Thanks @CyBiS for pointing it out.

I’ve created task (user story) on our board and, I’ll prioritize it for february sprint.

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Thanks a lot for considering this feature, very much appreciated!

Just for the sake of documentation, here’s the corresponding user story:

Please let me know if I can help testing once you guys have the plugin active.

Thanks for reminding yourself. I will put this on my todo list for this week.