[Info] ProtonMail seemed great, but lately...

*May 2021

*Sept 2021

*Oct 2021 ( .onion link )

Si. Detienen a un activista francés gracias a su IP: fue entregada por el servicio de correo cifrado ProtonMail tras una orden judicial

Some advice in Spanish ana😈: «#proton #protonmail : los de protonmail facilitar…» - Mastodon NoBIGTech If you don’t understand just follow the links

Proton - some options you might want to check
Gear Icon (right top) > Go to settings > Account > Security and privacy

*Security logs = sounding like a good thing but it records your IPs and login time like a surveillance camera.
*Privacy and data collection = I really dislike those “They’re just optional. You’re free to opt out!” excuses, with opt-out settings are indeed somewhere but hidden in hard-to-find, weird places. Ask first, and do that only if the user agrees, rather than secretly enabled by default…