IP Logging Behaviour Mail WebClient/SMTP


in your Privacy Policy at https://disroot.org/en/privacy_policy you state that you store IP-Address for mail.disroot.org only as long as session is active for POP3 and IMAP.

How long exactly do you store IP-Address when using your Mail-Service via Webclient or SMTP ? (This is not mentioned in privacy-policy.)

Thanks alot for the great services!

We actually do state it in point 1.3

We store logs of your activity for period no longer then 24h (unless specified otherwise per service). This data is used to help diagnose software issues, maintain security of the system against intrusion, and monitor the health of the platform.

Maybe it isn’t clear enough.We are working on new verison of RPivacy Policy which we hope will cover more details as well as more clear information as to what is stored etc.

Thanks for the fast reply.

Yes it was a bit unclear. Especially “activity” and wheter that includes IP or not.
But now all is clear. Thanks alot.